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A One-day Workshop

Importance of English in Your Career Development
(Self-Assessment and Awareness Workshop)

The American Club Jakarta, Brawijaya, Jakarta Selatan, 5 May 2011

One out of four people in the world speaks English at some level of proficiency. Are you the ONE or part of the THREE who don’t? If you are the ONE, then this seminar will assist you in identifying what you need to raise your proficiency.

It is not only important to recognize the advantages of knowing English and the benefits of learning the language, but it is most important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and have an action plan to improve.

This workshop will help you identify where you need improvement and where you excel so that you don’t waste valuable time and money. During the workshop, the participant will learn, through interactive workshop activities, what skills – Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening – are necessary to concentrate on for career development.

An active open discussion session will reveal that most participants realize and experience the fears of using English as a second language. The sharing of different ideas and ways to improve, guided by a native English speaker, will enlighten everyone what they need to do to improve confidence and proficiency.

After completing the seminar-workshop, the participant will be aware of:

  1. the advantages of knowing English
  2. the benefits of learning English and career development
  3. their English proficiency
  4. how to be successful in the global market by expanding their English skills through further effort and education
  5. actions necessary to develop English skills

5 May 2011 / 9am – 5pm

The American Club Jakarta
Brawijaya, Jakarta Selatan

Learning Partners
Mr. Barry Gassert a native English speaker from SIB School and two training assistants

Investment Fee
IDR 750,000/person
Early bird: IDR 675,000 (before 21 April 2011).

We offer a IDR. 350,000,- voucher for a future SIB School program for anyone who signs up before 21 April 2011.

Fee includes course folder, certificate, morning & mid-afternoon snack, lunch & notepad
Chance for Lucky Draw
Target Participants:
This program is suitable for all staff or professionals in any industry who require English in their careers, especially those dealing with International companies.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
    • English as a universal language
    • Globalization
  • Advantages of Knowing English
    • Communication
    • Information Exchange/Internet Research
    • National competitiveness
  • Benefits of Learning English – Career Development
    • Professional jobs require good levels of English
    • Business and Commerce are driven by International trade – in English
    • Thousands of business transactions occur daily around the world – English dominates the front lines
    • International Business (Trade) – Asia, European Union, North America
    • Personal and business gains from studying a language
    • Travel – Travel agents, airports, transportation, countries, restaurants, medical and law enforcement
    • Improved TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC scores
    • Symposiums/Exhibitions/Seminars/Conferences
    • Technical Skills – modern industry
    • Become equally competitive in business
    • Employment prospects
  • Actions to take
    • How to build confidence
    • What English Courses to pursue
    • How to Practice
    • Trade off with others
  • Proficiency Test
    • Three part test – Written, Writing and Oral
  • Discussion of Proficiency Test
    • What the scores really mean
  • First of four Skills Workshops
  • Lunch
  • Skills Workshops
  • Speaking skills
    • Pronunciation skills
    • Tongue Twisters
    • Speaking skill exercises
  • Listening (speaking) skills
    • Listening exercises – Dictated directions/Street map
    • Chinese whisper game (whisper what we hear)
  • Writing skills
    • Paragraph structure
    • Round robin story game
    • Writing games
    • Vocabulary building games
  • Reading skills
    • Reading speed assessment
    • Reading comprehension exercises
  • Group Discussion – Q & A
    • Summary of what was learned and discovered
  • Self-Assessment – Action Plan
    • Participants fill out self-assessment form
      • Develop an Action Plan for further Development
  • Closing statements
  • Feedback survey – Lucky Draw


  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Interactive skills workshops (small groups)
  • Mass group discussion
  • Individual Action Plan
  • Handout materials


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