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Bahasa Indonesia courses are available in a learning environment of your choice:

  • Private
  • Study with your spouse, friend, or colleague
  • Classroom
  • In-company classes

SIB School of Language goes to your business, office or home. We want you to learn in a convenient and relaxing environment. A placement test is provided for those who already have some proficiency of the language so that you enter at the appropriate level.

Each level of Bahasa Indonesian has its own custom course book and an audio CD to help enhance the listening and pronunciation progress. Our teachers will also enlighten each student in Indonesian cultures.

The Bahasa Indonesia program is a six level program, each 32 hours, which takes 192 hours of study from beginner to an advanced fluent speaker. Each level is designed to be completed in two months or sooner. Intensive study is available upon request.

Beginner 1

On completion of this level, students will be able to communicate simply with Indonesians in Bahasa Indonesia. Skills in greetings, numbers, time and describing things, amongst other skills, are introduced at this level. Students will know how to make basic sentences and ask questions using their newly acquired vocabulary.

Beginner 2

At the end of this level, students will know how to communicate on a wider range of topics, using a larger vocabulary. Students will study how to ask and offer things in addition to learning quantifiers and comparisons.

Intermediate 1

By now the student will be communicating in limited Bahasa Indonesia. To expand their vocabulary, this level introduces prefixes and suffixes in different functions. Conditional sentence structure, agreeing/disagreeing, refusing/accepting, and direct/indirect speech expressions are the focal points in this level.

Intermediate 2

Writing letters is introduced at this level. Speaking skills will be enhanced to a point where the student will know how to use various structures and functions of Bahasa Indonesia.

Advanced 1 & 2

After these final levels, the student should be fluent. They will know how to identify the different styles of Bahasa Indonesia that are used in conversations and various media in addition to improving writing skills.

Specialized Bahasa Indonesia Courses

Indonesian Flash

The Bahasa Indonesia program doesn’t end with initial training. As in any second language, people need to refresh or learn new phases of a language as their skills evolve. Specialized courses offer a variety of how to apply the language, whether it is just a refresher and daily applications or field trips to use the language in an actual uncontrolled environment.

Indonesian Flash

Get ready to refresh your Bahasa Indonesia ability. This program will sharpen your communication skills in various interactive (role-play) situations that will prepare you to communicate more effectively than before.

Daily Indonesian

By providing various types of language usage, this program will help you become more assertive in choosing the right style of Bahasa Indonesia used in daily applications, including appropriate slang that won’t embarrass you nor offend your Indonesian friends.

Indonesian Study Trips

Students will join a two-day, one night trip that will include lots of activities, games, and competitions which will encourage the student to use their ability in Bahasa Indonesia. Every trip includes a shopping experience that won’t be forgotten. All trips will travel outside of Jakarta.

Cultural Field Trips

Getting to know more about Bahasa Indonesia by understanding its culture is an excellent and fun way to strengthen your skills. Students will learn about the customs and culture of the Indonesian people in class and on short, up to eight hour, trips within Jakarta.

During this unique program, students will not only learn about the theory of the language and its culture, but also experience it by visiting cultural locations in Jakarta that represent our authentic Indonesian Culture.

Interpreting Services

SIB School of Language provides personal interpreting services for those who need assistance in business discussions in Indonesia.

For a specific quote please click on our INFORMATION section and we will provide you with fees and arrangements or just go to REGISTRATION for us to process you and provide you with further information.

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